Sunday, September 2, 2007


I recently tried Zenwalk on my main Linux-box. I have earlier listened to Ed Labonte's The Lip (Linux Install Podcast) regarding the distro.

I had a few problems installing it. First, I got a kernel panic during install. I don't know why, so I rebooted, tried to install again, and then it worked OK.

I chose not to install LILO, so I opted out for the LILO-install during set-up (I already run Arch and Ubuntu, booting via GRUB). After installation, I had to manually edit menu.lst in /boot/grub (in Ubuntu). Listen to Ed Labonte if you need directions on how to do this. I found that I needed some trial and error to set the correct name for my Zenwalk-partition

My network didn't work after I logged in to the Xfce-desktop. On the lower panel, I opened "Zenpanel" and configuration was easy.

I still need to set my screen-resolution to 1440x900 (for my Samsung SyncMaster 940BW), but I guess I will figure out how to do that shortly.