Friday, April 4, 2008

Ext3 in Truecrypt 5.1a

So, Truecrypt only gives you the FAT-filesystem when creating a new volume. That's no good! Here's how I created a Ext3-filesystem in a external Truecrypt device.

truecrypt -l

gives you information about your mounted Truecrypt drive. Typical output:

/dev/sde2 /dev/loop0 /media/truecrypt1

You need to unmount the volume using

sudo umount /media/truecrypt1

Then you can format the volume (the encrypted volume that is):

sudo mke2fs -j -m0 /dev/loop0

This will format your encrypted volume into Ext3.

When finished, just Dismount it using the Truecrypt GUI, and then mount the whole thing again. Now, you'll have an encrypted Ext3-formated volume!