Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Beta


So I started with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Beta.

I loaded it in VirtualBox. I put up a virtual harddrive of about 6GB and another of about 1GB. The plan was to use the first to install Ubuntu and also make a swap-partition, and the second to practice mounting.

I booted up the ISO-image (which I downloaded from of the LiveCD. It worked smoothly.

In VirtualBox, I noted, that my wireless connection on my laptop, was detected as a wired network seen from the virtual machine side (that makes sense, and also saved me any potential trouble with the wireless config).

During install, I formated the virtual harddrive, even though I made the drive as a "ext3" when setting up the virtual machine (in fact, I think the install didn't work if I didn't format it again during install).

When the install was finished, I dismounted the ISO-image (in VirtualBox), and rebooted the system.

I updated the system clicking on the "update-icon".

That was it.

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