Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some notes on SSH

I finally got SSH to work on my home network. Not too difficult - it is just that I have not gotten around to it before.

I have fixed the IP-addresses on my home computers in my router. That makes it easer for me. Then I made sure that both PCs had SSH installed:

sudo aptitude install openssh-client openssh-server

In the terminal, I could log into one machine (here from the other

ssh adder1972@

I just answered yes to any questions that popped up. When logged in through SSH, it is just like using the terminal window on the other computer. Note that the other computer only needs to be on. There is no need to log into it on the machine itself.

SSH through Nautlius:

A neat trick is to use Nautilus to browse your files. Just enter:


in the location bar. You will need to authenticate with your password. You can even make a shortcut to your remote machine in Nautilus. Very nice.

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