Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Download videos from various sites

I have found two tools that I use to capture/download content from video sites, i.e. Google Video.

The first is clive

sudo aptitude install clive

Super easy to use. Find your movie, copy the URL that you see in your browser, and just run

clive your-copied-URL

in the terminal. Easier than breathing.

The other tool is good old mplayer.

sudo aptitude install mplayer

Several sites serve contents via mms-streams. In my browser, I wait for the movie or TV program to start, then I copy the mms-adress. I find the adress by pressing the small arrow in the lower right corner and choosing "copy".

Mplayer uses this syntax:

mplayer -dumpstream mms://the-mms-adress-you found -dumpfile yourfile.wmv

Also very easy.

BTW! The videos you view in your Firefox browser, gets saved to your /tmp folder. You can just go there and fetch them for later use!

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